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High Roller Blackjack

If you are a High Roller and want to play Blackjack for High Stakes then you have a good selection of options available online.

Most sites have Blackjack tables, but Unibet have the best selection and range of Blackjack tables available for both low and high stakes play.

The following High Rolller Blackjack is the traditional blackjack game with 3 hands possible and a sidebet called a Double Blackjack bet also possible.


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These are the possible BlackJack table limits that you can play!

Name of Game : Stake Min / Max

Low Roller Blackjack 0.10-5

Normal Roller Blackjack 1-40

High Roller Blackjack : 25-500

VIP High Roller Blackjack : 50-3000

The High Roller VIP version of Blackjack is called Blackjack 50-3000. This version has a min/max bet of 50-3000, with an upper chip value of 500.

So, you can bet any amount from 50 to 3000 in each of the 3 hand positions.

Since this is a 3 handed game against the dealer, if you bet 3000 on each of the 3 hands positions, you will stake an amount of 9000 in total.

So, if you win each hand with a Blackjack you will win 3/2 x3 x 3000 = 13,500, giving you a net balance of 22,500. Not a bad return for 1 deal!

Of note, there is also a Double Jack side bet available, which is where you can really make your high roller high stakes play pay off big time!

The Double Jack side bet is based on the first two cards dealt and the bet is settled directly upon completion of the initial deal. The sidebet has the same table limit as the blackjack bet, and cannot be more than the blackjack bet placed

You can win money from a Double Jack bet when:

The first two cards in the regular Blackjack hand is a pair of Jacks of spades = 100/1 Payout

The first two cards in the regular Blackjack hand is a pair of Jacks = 25/1 Payout

The first card in the regular Blackjack hand is a Jack = 10/ Payout

So for example:

If you played 1 hand of Blackjack and placed a stake of 3000 on only 1 hand and also placed a Double Jack side bet of 3000 in the side bet position.

If the first two cards in the hand were a pair of Jacks of spades and you win the hand with a blackjack you would win: 3000 x 3/2 for your normal stake = 4500 + 3000 x 100/1 for your Double Jack bet = 300,000

Giving you a Total Win Amount for just one hand of 304,500!


UK High Roller Blackjack Casinos

Integrity is a major factor when choosing your Casino. It is important to be able to trust your Casino. This can certainly be done at Unibet who are professionally audited and are a reputable UK companys. All games pass stringent tests to ensure fairness, satisfying 3rd party Random Number Generator tests. We aslo recommend the VIP treatment at Unibet where they will assign you a personal casino manager to look after your account.


  High Roller Blackjack Software Played on
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High Rollers Blackjack Casino favourite, with a wide range of flash based games and a download client available from NetEntertainment and Microgaming, pus a LIVE casino from Evolution gaming. They have high stakes table games and slot machines, with Blackjack where you can bet 3000 Euros per hand on up to 3 hands. They also have single deck high roller blackjack game and a 5 handed high roller blackjack together with some high roller LIVE blackjack tables for your entertainment.



  High Roller Blackjack Software Played on
    Net Entertainment

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